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Course description: 

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’re going to learn how to lucid dream and use dreams to fuel our poetry, enhance works in progress, and nurture our growth as writers. Employing a scientific approach, we’ll tap into the creative potential of our sleeping minds and decipher the symbolic language of dreams. There will also be an exciting opportunity to participate in a sleep laboratory session aimed at boosting your ability to experience lucid dreams. These weekly sessions will be led by a PhD student researching the dreams' potential for artistic expression.


29th October – 3rd December 


Week 1: The Creativity of Dreams & Lucid Dreaming Training 
Learn the tested techniques for inducing lucid dreams, which you can practice from the comfort of your own home. We'll delve into the significance of dreams in our creative writing process and discuss their unique relevance to us as artists.

Week 2: Sleep Incubation & Interpreting Dreams
Discover the power of incubating dreams with the aim of finding new poetic inspiration or solving issues with your ongoing projects. Learn how to interpret what the dream is telling you and how to use this information for your writing. 
*Sleep lab opportunity – come into our sleep lab for an hour-long nap and increase your chances of inducing a lucid dream significantly. 

Week 3: Writing Session  
Let’s write together! Concentrate on one of your most impactful dreams from the past two weeks and, using various techniques, transform it into a poem. Share your creations with the group and be part of a vibrant creative exchange.

Week 4: Liminal Dreams + Morning Writing
Liminal experiences happen in the state between dreaming and waking and have historically been used by the likes of Salvador Dali and Thomas Edison for creative inspiration and problem solving. Learn to harness the creative potential of these liminal states and work with them to write poetry. 
*Sleep lab opportunity 

Week 5: Night & Day Editing: What to Keep and What to Discard; Navigating Your Inner Editor
When we record our dreams, our inner editor frequently intervenes prematurely, attempting to rationalize the dream content. This can cause us to miss crucial insights offered by our dreams. Conversely, when incorporating dreams into our writing, we often neglect essential editing, resulting in a loss of form and structure. As a result, the editing process becomes a two-stage endeavour: one during the day and another during the night. During this week, we will master the art of collaborating with our dreams rather than imposing upon them, ensuring they enrich our creative expression.

Week 6: Writing & sharing session 
Let’s write! Our final session will be a recap of everything you’ve learnt and an opportunity to write some more, share your work and experiences, and get last tips on honing your dream-inspired writing skills. For those seeking one last adventure, our optional sleep lab awaits. 
*Sleep lab opportunity 
Sleep Laboratory Experience

There will be an opportunity to come down to our sleep lab and increase your chance of inducing a lucid dream by 50%! We use sleep-aid technology to send audio and visual cues to you in the middle of REM sleep to prompt self-awareness and "wake you up" within the dream.
Read about it in this PAPER.
Who is this for?

This free workshop is for anyone who wishes to develop as a writer, overcome a writer's block, find an authentic idea for their next creation, or move an existing project forward. 
No special ability to lucid dream is required! Anyone can learn to induce lucid dreams by practicing simple methods such as reality checks and writing a dream diary. So if you want to learn to lucid dream and develop as a poet, SIGN UP to participate for free.​​​​​​​
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